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Join Our Growing Team

Become a USBA Agent in the ACP & Lifeline Programs 

Why Join USBA Team?

USBA  offers a compelling package with the best-in-industry compensation, professional management, an integrated agent portal, and exciting opportunities to get involved in events and help hundreds of people who need our services. These reasons make USBA an appealing choice for agents looking to make a difference in people's lives while achieving personal and financial growth.

Best in Industry Compensation

The company recognizes the value and dedication of its agents, and as a result, provides substantial commission rates and benefits.

Engaged Leadership

USBA prides itself on maintaining a professional and supportive work environment. The company's management team is highly experienced and dedicated to nurturing the growth and success of its agents.

Integrated Agent Portal

The USBA team offers a state-of-the-art integrated agent portal that provides access to a wide range of tools and resources, including real-time reporting, customer data, marketing materials, and support resources.

Access to Exciting Events

As an agent for USBA, individuals may get chances to attend various conferences, workshops, and networking events.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Experience


Satisfied Customers


States Covered



Our Programs


(Affordable Connectivity Program)

Affordable Connectivity Program will help in bridging the technological gap for low-income people and families.


Started by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in USA only

Lifeline is one of the successful programs of the FCC to date to bridge the technological gap in the US. The program aims to ensure essential communication services to deprived Americans.

We believe to work on projects with teamwork and collaboration for strong professional bonds. 

Our Vision

Our global market knowledge and expertise provide us with a unique chance to effect positive change in the entire world. Our goal is to create a sustainable digital society that is inclusive of everyone, where connectivity and technological innovation enrich the future and people's lives.

We are now partners with Safelink

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